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Artist: Arnor Dan
Track: "bless"
shomunn sent: hello but have you ever thought of *breathes* the bdff crystal crew meeting sora and the gang in kh3


LMAO sorry for taking SO LONG to answer this fgfdfdh

but yeah can u imagine that omg

i can totally see edea in olympus coliseum kinda like zack was in bbs (first you gotta fight her and then you can totally team up with her to kick ass yeeaa)


and for some reason ringabel being a resident of destiny islands idk why tho


also i got too lazy to draw but

tiz in twilight town

and agnes in hollow bastion

imagine all that /laughs



Shingeki no Kyojin - Midoricon 2014

Levi ♔ Erwin ♔ Hanji ♔ Photo 
i get bored during my lunch breaks lol

Night Glow by Fersy